Roller Skates

Oliver and Otto were having a running race. Oliver was a bit faster, but Otto caught up with him fast. On the park walkway, Otto was right next to Oliver. Suddenly Oliver turned aside and ran up a tree. Otto followed him. Oliver ran along a branch and jumped onto another tree. Otto ran past Oliver and jumped onto the next tree. They ran down the tree trunk and stopped at the bottom to catch some rest. Oh, did I mention that Oliver and Otto are squirrels? Human beings don’t usually run up and down trees. A squirrel running race is much more exciting than a human running race.
While resting at the foot of the tree, Otto noticed something odd. There was a pair of human shoes underneath a nearby bench, but the shoes had wheels, like cars do. The curious squirrels went to investigate the strange shoes. Who had left them there? And why on earth would SHOES have wheels? The squirrels didn’t know why people wore shoes in the first place. So why put wheels on them? The squirrels had never seen roller skates before. “Hey! This is like a tiny car!” Oliver realized and jumped into the odd shoe. Otto slipped into the other shoe and said: “Vroom, vroom! I’m driving a car!” Oliver copied Otto: “Vroom, Vroom!” This was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, the bench was on a hill. As the squirrels shuffled around inside the roller skates, they started to roll down the hill, at first slowly. “Hey! My car started to move!” Otto yelled. “Mine too!” Oliver rejoiced. “Vroom, vroom,” the squirrels squealed. The hill got steeper and the speed increased. The squirrels got scared. Roller skates lack one thing that cars have: brakes. “How do you stop this thing?” Oliver screamed. “I want to get off!” Otto cried. It was too late now. The speed was too fast and the squirrels didn’t dare to jump out. The two animals rushed down the hill – straight onto a road. “Honk! Honk! Watch out! Squirrels on the road!” Otto shouted. But the cars couldn’t hear him. The squirrels were lucky. They rolled down the hill and dodged every car on the way down. They didn’t hit a thing – except at the bottom of the hill. A house stood directly in their path. The roller skates and the squirrels crashed into the door. Oliver and Otto crawled out of the roller skates feeling very dizzy. “This is the last time I get in one of those things!” Otto promised, and Oliver agreed. The squirrels started to run back toward the park.
Megan opened the door. What was all that noise? Then she saw the roller skates outside the door. “Mommy, look! The roller skates I lost are here! How did they end up here?”

Kirjoittanut Päivi Honkakoski

What differences and similarities are there between roller skates and cars?
What other objects have wheels?
Squirrels don’t know the rules of traffic. What rules of traffic do you know?

Draw Oliver and Otto rushing down the hill inside the roller skates.