The Reflector Fairy

Pris was on her way home. She had been playing over at Evelyn’s house. Pris should have been home already, but she had lost track of time and now it was dark outside. But Pris wasn’t afraid of the dark. She knew the way home. She skipped forward along the side of the road, already planning what to play the next day. A tiny fairy looked at the girl with concern. It was already very dark and this girl didn’t have a reflector on her clothes! The fairies themselves did not need reflectors, because their wings would shine and sparkle whenever light hit them. But the fairy knew that humans had to have reflectors when it got dark.
A big truck was driving along the road. The driver was looking out at the dark road. It was so black and dark! The big truck roared forward. In the dark the truck looked like a shiny-eyed monster that growled and huffed.
Pris walked by the side of the road and didn’t realize that a truck was approaching. But the fairy flying up in the sky saw the truck coming. The tiny fairy was very worried. She would have liked to warn the girl who didn’t have a reflector. But her fairy mother had strictly forbidden her to go near people alone. It was said to be dangerous. The little fairy panicked. She wanted to obey her mother, but she also wanted to warn that small human girl. Why did the child not have a reflector? It was pitch black outside! The truck got closer and closer. There was no way the driver would notice a child in the dark! Finally the fairy came up with an idea. She might not be able to warn the girl, but she could become a reflector herself! The fairy swooped down behind the girl’s back and grabbed the hood of the jacket. The fairy hung on to the hood, holding it tight. Even when the girl skipped about, the fairy did not let go. Just then the truck lights shone on Pris. The light sparkled on the fairy’s wings. The truck driver noticed the small speck of light and steered his truck so it wouldn’t hit the little girl. “What a good thing that the little girl had a reflector! Otherwise I wouldn’t have seen her in the dark!” the truck diver said to himself.
The tiny fairy dangled from the girl’s hood for the rest of the way home, making sure that Pris got home safely. Then she let go and flew away unnoticed. Pris didn’t realize that a fairy had saved her life that evening. Pris’s mother was waiting inside. “It’s so dark outside already! Let’s put a reflector on your jacket,” she said.

Kirjoittanut Päivi Honkakoski

Why do people need reflectors in the dark?
What could have happened to Pris if the fairy hadn’t helped her?
What kinds of reflectors are there?

Go inspect your outdoor clothes. Do you have a reflector?